I was asked the following question:

When I’m getting snacks or breakfast foods for my kids, how many grams of sugar is ok?  Is there a standard rule you want to try to stay under?

My answer is to look at the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, which advises that added sugar not exceed 10% of our total calories.


Need clarification on fluid needs surrounding workouts and/or sporting events?  Wonder about the effect of caffeine on hydration and performance?  This blog and infographic provides recommendations for hydration in competitive athletes of all ages, as well as “weekend warriors” (as in those who work out regularly).  It even touches on the effects of caffeine and how to use it, safely, to enhance performance.


Nutrition research is limited.  The researchers can be stubborn.  Perhaps the message that sodium is bad for all is too broad a message.  In this blog, I will explain the limitation of nutrition research, describe the controversy over sodium, provide the current recommendations and trends, and tell you how to apply this information. (more…)