It’s impossible not to compare yourself with those fitness models you see on the cover of fitness magazines.  Personally, I’m envious of their perfectly chiseled bodies.  I mean, I work out and eat well, yet… let’s just say, clothes are more than just a fashion statement for me!

I’m going to reveal the real secret behind their six-pack abs and perfectly sculpted legs.  Plus, I will help you find satisfaction with your own body!

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Whether you are seeking good health or you are an athlete in need of a competitive edge, you probably have wondered about taking supplements.  It seems like “everyone” is taking them these days.  However, there are issues with the supplement industry that you may not realize.  This infographic was created to better inform you as consumers and help you make the most informed choice for supplementation.

They aren’t always what they seem…

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A question that comes up quite often with clients who work out regularly is, “what should I eat before and after a workout?”  I’ve also  seen the difference pre-game and post-game nutrition can have on performance in athletes.  It is for these reasons that I created the following infographic.  This infographic is easy to understand and follow, as the recommendations are quite simple.


…But since I’m a “why?” person, I’ve also included the explanation behind my recommendations in the blog here on this page.


By the way, this infographic is appropriate for the adult “weekend warrior” , as well as for the competitive athlete at any age and level.


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I don’t like the word “diet”.  The word, which simply refers to the food we eat, has been taken out of context.  Instead, “diet” now refers to a restrictive, rigid plan someone follows in order to lose weight.  I envision deprivation and depression, and I am not a fan.  However, if I ever had to pick a “diet” to follow, it would be this one:  The Anti-Inflammatory Diet!


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I recently listened to a very helpful podcast.  The podcast answers the question of how to know which voice to listen to when you’re having an urge to eat; the devil on one shoulder?  or the angel on the other?  The podcast is 36 minutes and is well worth the time.  However, if you don’t have time or the attention span, I summarize the podcast here, in this blog.  Expect it to take ~6 minutes to read it in its entirety, or skim quickly by focusing only on what I’ve printed in bold type.

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