Kelly has worked as a registered dietitian for 16 years.  She received her BS in nutrition from SFASU, where she played soccer, as well.  She went on to get her MS in nutrition from TWU in The Medical Center, Houston, TX.  Kelly has worked in Houston for the Memorial Hermann Healthcare and The Methodist Hospital.  She has worked in several local regional hospitals in the various small towns she has lived.  Most recently, she worked for the VA.

Kelly specializes in outpatient nutrition and has a knack for reaching people where they are and helping them overhaul their lifestyle one small change at a time.

Kelly knows firsthand what it’s like to be stretched… years of long commutes… married to a coach who is married to his career… having 3 kids within 4 years… 6 towns in the first 12 years of marriage… and all with no local family support.  As a result, Kelly is extremely flexible and empathetic.  She does not believe in a perfect diet or a perfect person.  She works well in the context of real life.

With her history of playing soccer at the collegiate level combined with being a high school coach’s wife, Kelly has a passion for working with young athletes to help them use nutrition to improve performance.

Training Experience
Kelly is originally from Houston and, through circumstances of fate, married a small town coach from outside of San Antonio. Together, they have 3 school-aged children and have a lived nearly all over Texas. Currently, they are settled in Bullard, where her husband is the head girls’ basketball coach. Her life revolves around sports, and Kelly wouldn’t have it any other way. Her most favorite thing to do is watch her kids play sports and watch her husband’s team play (and her husband coach!).
Training Skills
  • Weight Loss 100 %
  • Sports Nutrition 100 %
  • Goal Setting 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

Training Style As a classically trained ballerina and retired modern dancer, Kira Tutaki is intimately aware of the foundational principles of movement found in the Pilates method.  Kira has been practicing Pilates for over ten years and continues to enjoy coaching her clients to better health.  Kira’s passion for movement is realized through the work of Joseph Pilates, and she finds it a joy to facilitate others in experiencing freedom of movement through his work.
    Nick comes from the fitness business world. Previously co-owning a gym that specialized in functional movement, he knew he wanted to pursue a management career. During his time at that facility, Nick also completed his Masters of Business Administration. Having previously completed an internship in Tyler, Nick was contacted in 2015 to return as the Director of Sports Medicine for Texas Spine & Joint Hospital. Balance was purchased by the hospital and is now part of the new Sports Medicine program. Nick is excited to see where this amazing facility can go in the future.
      Martel mixes both Pilates and strength training with his clients. Having an NFL level expertise in strength training, he brings a unique skill set to his clients. Speed training is Martel’s specialty, being that he has recorded a 4.3 second 40-yard dash time. Adding an emphasis on agility and explosion, Martel helps athletes of all sports to reach the next level of performance. Working with athletes of all ages and skill levels, Martel offers a diverse range of training skills.