Training Style
For over 30 years, Ange Van Arman has experienced the benefits and rewards of weight training, good nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. For the past 13 years, Ange has shared her passion with others as a personal trainer at BALANCE. Certified at the Cooper Institute in Dallas as well as the American Sports & Fitness Association, Ange guides and motivates her clients to help them achieve life-changing results. These include an increase in strength and endurance, improved flexibility and balance, weight loss and overall well-being. Ange develops individualized programs to help meet each client’s health and fitness goals.


Training Experience
Born and raised in New Jersey until the age of 17, I moved to Texas in 1971 to attend Ambassador College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts. Though my husband teases me about being a “Yankee,” I feel Texas is my true home. Brian and I have been married for over 20 years, and we have one daughter, two sons, and four grand-daughters. I have always had an active lifestyle but especially fell in love with pumping iron, running and step aerobics in my early 30’s. I feel exercising is fun and feel very fortunate to be able to fulfill my life’s passion of not only staying healthy but helping others achieve their health/fitness goals.
Training Skills
  • Circuit Training 100 %
  • TRX Training 100 %
  • BOSU, Stability Balls, Bands, Plyometric and Kettlebell Training 100 %

Meet Other Trainers

Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

Kelly has worked as a registered dietitian for 16 years.  She received her BS in nutrition from SFASU, where she played soccer, as well.  She went on to get her MS in nutrition from TWU in The Medical Center, Houston, TX.  Kelly has worked in Houston for the Memorial Hermann Healthcare and The Methodist Hospital.  She has worked in several local regional hospitals in the various small towns she has lived.  Most recently, she worked for the VA. Kelly specializes in outpatient nutrition and has a knack for reaching people where they are and helping them overhaul their lifestyle one small change at a time. Kelly knows firsthand what it’s like to be stretched… years of long commutes… married to a coach who is married to his career… having 3 kids within 4 years… 6 towns in the first 12 years of marriage… and all with no local family support.  As a result, Kelly is extremely flexible and empathetic.  She does not believe in a perfect diet or a perfect person.  She works well in the context of real life. With her history of playing soccer at the collegiate level combined with being a high school coach’s wife, Kelly has a passion for working with young athletes to help them use nutrition to improve performance.
    Training The love of movement led Stacie Walker to Pilates as a student of the method almost 15 years ago. Because of her love of training, she became a Pilates instructor and has been with Balance Tyler for 2 years. As an instructor, Stacie combines her two passions: movement and her love of teaching. Stacie’s early classical training as a ballerina gives her a deep understanding of the principles of movement that are the foundation of the Pilates method. She uses her knowledge to help clients achieve their physical goals.
      Michelle Tyer Heines received a Master of Fine Arts degree and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance from Texas Christian University. She is a Master Pilates Instructor certified in the Classical Pilates Method under The Physical Mind Institute of Santa Fe. Mrs. Heines has been owner and director of Balance Pilates since 1997 and Optimal Performance Group (OPG) since 2013. Michelle continues her career instructing athletes of the NFL, MLB and Division 1 NCAA. Mrs. Heines has proudly taught players Josh Hamilton(2012), Ron Leary(2015-current), Jermey Parnell (2014-current), Aaron Ross(2015-current), Mackenzy Bernadeau(2015), Chris Hackett(2010-current) and many others. Presently Mrs. Heines is employed at Tyler's Texas Spine and Joint Hospital where she continues to teach her Athletic Stability Management techniques for professional athletes. Mrs. Heines is married to Mayor Martin Heines and has two children.